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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Fondant Witch Tutorial

I had fun making this cake and thought I would share how I made the little witches. They really were quite easy to do so you don't need much skill to do them. 

Step 1

Take a small ball of black fondant and roll it into a cone shape by putting slightly more pressure on one end of the ball as you roll it back and forth on the table. pinch the bottom of the large end gently with your fingers to create the bottom of the skirt.

Step 2 

Roll out a small snake of black fondant and cut to appropriate length for arms and glue the the side. As you can see I have a toothpick stuck in each one so that when I stick it on the cake they will stay in place.
Roll a piece of green fondant into a ball and glue into place on top of the dress for the head.
Roll a tiny bit of green fondant and glue on for the nose. 

Step 3

To create the hair roll out a piece of purple fondant and cut into a strip. I tried to make the height about the length I wanted the hair to be but don't worry about being too accurate as you can trim it when you glue it on.
 Using the fan fondant tool (not sure of the actual name of the tool but you can see what I mean) drag it from the top to bottom to create lines. Don't press to hard or it will tear the fondant but do pull it all the way down so it looks like separate strands of hair.
Glue the hair around the head. This is where you can trim the hair piece to fit properly on the witch. Don't worry about the bald spot, the hat will cover these. 

Step 4

 Roll out a piece of black fondant approx 1/8 inch. Cut a small circle out of it. I used the end of one of my cupcake tips but you can use whatever size that would be appropriate for the size your witch is turning out. Glue the hat base to the top of the head. I had not glued my hair high enough on a couple of them and thankfully the glue was not dry yet so I was able to give her a hair lift and tuck it under the hat.
 Take a small ball of fondant and roll a cone shape out of it by again putting more pressure on one end as you roll it along the table.
 Holding the pointy end of the cone gently press and rub on the table to make the bottom flat and smooth.
Glue the cone onto the base of the hat. I used edible markers to draw the mouth and eyes. And there you have it...little witches. These can be used on your Halloween cakes and are small enough to go on top of cupcakes as well.

 Happy Halloween!

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