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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bacon & Kale Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I was in the mood for a pasta dish the other night so I went through my fridge to see what I could throw together. I pulled out some Kale, there was also some bacon and as I was searching through my many condiment jars I zeroed in on the roasted red peppers. It was actually quite delicious. I brought it with me to work the next day and ate it cold and it was just as good. 

Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

1/4 cup Mayo
1 Roasted Red Pepper (finely chopped)
1 tbsp Mustard
1 Tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce
1 Tbsp Honey
1/2 tsp Garlic Powder
1/2 tsp Smoke Paprika
1 tsp Dill
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix. Yes it is that easy!

Kale & Bacon Pasta

1 cup dried pasta (I used little shells)
Approximately 5 leaves of Kale
6-8 pieces of Bacon

1. Cook Pasta according to package directions. Meanwhile cook bacon in a pan on the stove. 
2. Remove bacon from pan. Add kale and cook for just a minute. 
3. Drain pasta. Add pasta, kale and bacon to a bowl. Pour on sauce and toss. Serve either warm or cold. 

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